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Minggu, 15 April 2012


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Adjeng Inez Nugroho is an Indonesian sexy model, she is also an actress and presenter. Below is short information about

 Adjeng Inez: Full Name : Adjeng Inez Nugroho Nickname : Ajeng Height / weight : 170 cm / 50 kg Occupation : Photo & Commercial model , Actress and Presenter Education : Student Hobby : Sports, Automotive, Shopping, Gadget Size : Shirts S : Pants 28 : Bra 34 : Shoes : 38 Entertainment areas of recognition as something fun. No wonder when Ajeng Inez Nugroho has menekuninya since I was in high school.

 Her career began as a photo model, advertising models, stand up and pursue world guide sinetron and presenter.

 Now, along with increasing age, his career was more complete. Whatever she's dealing with live entertainment. Inez Nugroho, so her name is called, does not even hesitate appointed wardrobe care.


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